I bought my 1st and current home with Stamie. She was aggressive and knowledgeable. She had several places lined up for me to look at. She’s got a great personality and thank God because that’s a lot of time to spend with someone who you DON’T wanna be around. If I didn’t like something she immediately moved on to the next, no questions asked which I appreciated since its difficult to explain how I “just wasn’t feeling it.”

Mary Cardenas

Working with Stamie was not only a smart decision, it was the best decision. Trustworthy, knowledgeable, thorough and effective, these are just a few of the rewarding aspects and benefits of working with her.  Beyond the fact that she is an amazing Real Estate agent, it’s as if you’re working with one of your most trusted friends, a key comfort when it comes to selling and buying your new home. I couldn’t have been happier with her help and guidance in buying my first home in Los Angeles.

Ivana Milicevic

I have been working with Stamie for over 10 years. I have bought and sold many properties with her. She is a hungry and devoted real estate agent and a loyal, hilarious, and close friend! I suggest her to all my friends because she is so damn fun to work with with and to see houses with. She is committed to making your dreams come true! I remember when I bought my first property with her, I was quite young, and I wanted to offer over the asking price for a property that she was selling. I didn’t have a real estate agent. And she talked me through how “it was done” and I ended up winning the property and ultimately paying less than the asking price. I appreciated her honesty and gentleness and kindness and have worked with her and only her ever since!!


Abigail Treanor

Within less than five minutes of meeting Stamie, we were sold, literally and figuratively.  In this particular situation, we were the buyers of a short-sale property and Stamie was representing both parties to the transaction.  I know you’re thinking “short sale, oh no!” but with Stamie, our experience was smooth and easy.   We closed escrow in less than two months.  As the seller’s agent, she worked diligently with the seller to ensure that all required documents were sent in a timely fashion to the lenders.  As the buyer’s agent, she educated us on the process and kept us apprised throughout every step.   Stamie was always quick to respond to our inquiries and was always available, whether it was by phone, email, or text.  VOTE FOR STAMIE!

Roberta Jacobs

“Your best advocate. No need to push, prod, fight, track, negotiate. She drives, updates, makes recommendations and when you are ready, gets back in the ring to fight your battles.”


1. An expert at the top of her game. She has a rare combination of intelligences…book, people and street smarts.

2. Direct, honest and trustworthy.

3. A quick study. She will tell you on-the-spot what you need to do to sell your home, how it will most likely go and who will buy it.

4. Clever… on the front and back end. At getting the right buyers in the door and through their decision-making process. She will know whether they are going to write an offer by the time they exit.

5. A problem solver. No matter what happens, how tragic it may seem, she can handle it.

6. Action-oriented. Give her the lead and you too may have a history-defying experience, a flurry of open houses and competing offers in the worst market in recent history.

7. Respectful. She filters fools and foolishness and tells you what you need to know when you need to know it.

8. Your best advocate. No need to push, prod, fight, track, negotiate. She drives, updates, makes recommendations and when you are ready, gets back in the ring to fight your battles.

9. Persistent. Neither rain, nor heat, nor demanding celebrity, nor gloom of inspections will stay her from the swift completion of the sale.

10. A gem. Making it worthwhile and memorable, with a sense of high humor.


Roberta Jacobs